Community Building Community

Canterbury City Community Centre (the 4cs) is a well established non government Organisation that provides a range of community services in Sydney’s Inner West. We engage our diverse communities of interest at every level of the Organisation and are firmly committed to our motto Community Building Community.

Founded in 1972, the 4cs is governed by an elected Board of Directors and employs a team of staff and volunteers to deliver services and activities to residents in the general community and particularly to those who are disadvantaged and may have limited access to other support.

We work with others to promote community development and build community capacity.

Our Vision:

  • A strong resilient community which values and includes each member

Our Values:

  • Social Justice, Integrity, Accountability, Equity, Empowerment, Compassion

Our Statement of Purpose:
We connect individuals and communities to:

  • Develop and provide services responsive to community needs and individual support;
  • Promote harmony, social inclusion and an improved quality of life;
  • Build capacity, sustainability and resilience.

Our Motto:

  • Community Building Community