Volunteering at the 4cs

Canterbury City Community Centre appreciates the contribution of our Volunteers! Our Organisation was founded by the work of local residents and after 40 years still has a large volunteer team who are involved in every aspect of our work. Our Vision is for a strong resilient community which values and includes each member ... and our Volunteer team plays a central role in helping us to achieve that Vision.

Reasons to Volunteer

There are lots of great reasons to volunteer ... and for each person these may be a little bit different. Numerous studies show that while volunteers are helping others  they are healthier and happier than the general population. This is because volunteering offers many benefits, including opportunities for Volunteers to

  • Make a positive difference in the community
  • Support somebody who needs a bit of extra help with a task they can't do on their own
  • Learn a new skill and achieve professional goals
  • Improve Job and Career prospects
  • Apply an existing skill ... but in a new setting
  • Enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfilment
  • Keep active, enjoy better physical and mental health
  • Meet new people and make friends in your community
  • Find a challenge and get out of that comfort zone
  • Connect to and better understand your community

I started volunteering at 4cs this year, a new experience for me, and I have enjoyed it enormously .... I started off thinking I would be giving something back to my community – but I have received so much in return. The company and conversation of not only the clients, but also the staff and my fellow volunteers, has been a delight, sharing recipes and personal life stories, discussing politics and religion, and laughing at our terrible jokes.

How do we support our Volunteers?

Canterbury City Community Centre provides a welcoming and inclusive work environment. We offer plenty of opportunities for learning and development, will reimburse your out of pocket expenses such as travel costs, and we insure all Volunteers while they are volunteering with us. We will try to offer Volunteer opportunities which fit in with your schedule ... you can offer as much or as little time as you can each month.

We also hold a couple of events each year where you can meet people who volunteer in other Centre Programs and have your volunteering recognised while having fun!

We endorse the NSW Statement of Principles  for the Recognition of Volunteers, which aims to improve dignity, respect and fairness for Volunteers.

Current Volunteer Positions

Volunteer roles have been developed based upon the needs of our Programs and Services and our capacity as an Organisation to provide adequate support and supervision. Current Volunteer positions include serving on our Board of Directors, providing social support for frail aged residents in either a group setting or one on one, converting gardens to become low maintenance, bus driving, office reception, administration and data entry ... to name a few. All current positions are listed below.

All applicants will need to supply the details of two referees and successfully undergo a Criminal Record Check. All Volunteers abide by the Centre Code of Conduct and will receive orientation to their role and the Organisation.

Please take the time to read the Position Description and if you think you might be interested contact our Volunteer Promotion Officer on 9750 9344 or [email protected]. If you would like to volunteer, but none of these positions appeal to you, still contact the Volunteer Promotion Officer to discuss volunteering opportunities that are available in other local Organisations or visit the STARS Volunteering Opportunities page of this website.


Board of Directors

Board Members provide overall governance for the Organisation and are responsible to Members for ensuring the Organisation achieves its stated Purpose. The Board of Directors are legally responsible for the employment of staff, compliance and ensuring our finances and contracts are managed well.


Garden Care Volunteer

Garden Care Volunteers work in small and large teams to help convert gardens to become low maintenance for elderly residents so that they can continue to live independantly in their own homes. This is done through weeding, mulching, pruning and generally making the garden safe and tidy. We are looking for volunteers to work in gardens for one morning a week. Teams go out from 9 am to 12 noon Mondays to Friday. We work in gardens from Riverwood to Balmain and can give you a lift to the garden from our Office in Lakemba if needed. Watch our short video if you would like to find out more about volunteering with Garden Care or contact us on 9750 9344 or [email protected] to find out more


Social Inclusion and Wellness Program

Volunteers provide social contact and friendly interaction to aged residents at risk of becoming socially isolated. There are a variety of roles available in the Program, including providing general assistance during group activities, helping on outings or with meal preparation, driving the bus and helping people on and off, home visiting and telephone support.